The airports in Turkey are increasingly important due to their strategic location between the world's largest continents: Asia, Europe, and Africa. This positioning makes it a pivotal hub for international travel and a crucial station for travelers. Turkish flight is considered one of the best aviation sectors, serving as a significant global and local connection point for flights between the East and the West. In this context, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to the aviation sector in Turkey.


What are the international airports in Turkey?

According to official state data, Turkey has approximately 58 civilian airports, 37 international, distributed over the country. Additionally, the country possesses 18 military airports used as air bases. The airports in Turkey are notable for their advancement and dynamism in takeoff and landing operations, besides in passenger transportation both domestically and internationally, achieving record numbers in many aviation and air traffic indicators, thanks to the flourishing activity in the tourism and trade sectors.

The importance of The airports in Turkey increases due to their strategic location at the crossroads of the world's largest continents: Asia, Europe, and Africa making them a significant hub for travelers and greatly enhancing the importance of the aviation and airline sector in the country.

Istanbul Airport (IST)

Istanbul Airport one of the largest airports in the world, was opened in April 2019. All phases of its construction and expansion are expected to be completed by 2028, with an annual capacity of 200 million passengers. The airport features the most advanced air navigation systems. It is the main airport in the country, setting records for passenger numbers and services provided at the European and international levels. 

Located in the "Arnavutköy" area of European Istanbul, Istanbul Airport is one of the largest airports in terms of area and capacity. By 2023, its capacity reached 150 million passengers annually, compared to the 45 million passengers handled by Atatürk International Airport annually.

The new Istanbul Airport has replaced Atatürk International Airport, creating an economic boom in vital sectors such as transportation, trade, and real estate in Istanbul.

Esenboğa Airport

Ankara Esenboğa Airport was inaugurated in 1955 and is one of the first airports in Turkey. It holds a significant position in Turkey's aviation sector due to its location in the capital, Ankara, just 28 kilometers from the city center.

Located in the capital city, Ankara, Esenboğa Airport is the main airport that serves the city. It is well-connected to the city center and other areas through a diverse transportation network, including rapid bus services, taxis, private transportation services, and ample parking facilities for travelers.

The airport hosts the headquarters of Turkish Airlines and handles approximately 233 daily cargo and passenger flights. Known for its high-quality services, safety, and cleanliness, the airport has received several international awards and recognitions.

Ankara Esenboğa Airport has earned numerous awards, including the "Best Airport in Europe" in 2009 for airports serving fewer than 10 million passengers annually, awarded by the Airports Council International (ACI). Additionally, it ranked second in terms of international flights among Turkish airports in the same year.

Considered one of the best airports in the Middle East, Esenboğa Airport is also an emergency landing site for NASA's space shuttle, The airport is one of the best airports in Turkey, playing a vital role in supporting the local economy and tourism in Ankara, and enhancing international connectivity through its advanced services and modern infrastructure.

Antalya Airport 

Antalya Airport is considered one of the important international airports in Turkey, located in the tourist province of Antalya on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The traffic at this airport exceeds 16 million passengers annually.

Opened in 1999, Antalya Airport has since become one of the most important airports in Turkey. It is located about 13 kilometers northeast of the city center of Antalya, serving as the main airport for the southern regions of Turkey.

Antalya Airport welcomes around 11 million international passengers annually, Antalya province is considered the second most important tourist destination in Turkey after Istanbul, receiving one-third of the foreign tourists arriving in the country.

The airport has two international gates and one domestic gate, ranking as the third largest airport in Turkey in terms of traffic congestion, particularly during the summer tourism season. It ranks fifteenth among European airports in terms of congestion.

To alleviate congestion at Antalya Airport, a local airport named "Gazipaşa Antalya" was constructed adjacent to it in 2010. This airport reduces pressure on the main airport and facilitates passenger transportation between Antalya and other Turkish cities.

Trabzon International Airport 

Trabzon International Airport is one of the major international airports in Turkey, specifically the northern region of Turkey, located around 6 kilometers northwest of downtown Trabzon. Situated strategically near the Black Sea's Northern Coast, the airport boasts a strategic location.

Regarding its capacity, Trabzon International Airport can accommodate abundant passengers annually, although precise figures regarding its capacity can be obtained from specific official airport sources.

The airport is a key hub for air transportation in the region, hosting numerous domestic and international flights daily. Additionally, it offers a wide range of traveler services, including restaurants, shops, and transportation facilities to and from the airport. Various international airlines operate at this airport, such as EgyptAir, Turkish Airlines, and Emirates.

The average annual number of passengers at Trabzon International Airport is around 3.5 million. The airport has a single runway of 2,640 × 45 meters long.


Sabiha Gokcen Airport 

Sabiha Gokcen Airport is the second airport in Istanbul, built in 2000 to alleviate the congestion at Ataturk International Airport. Located in the Asian part of Istanbul near the train station known as "Haydarpasa," Sabiha Gokcen Airport attracts many international and domestic travelers seeking to avoid crowds besides the ease of booking and navigating.

The Turkish government and the Airport Management and Aircraft Industry Company manage the airport jointly. There is a shuttle service between the new Istanbul airports and Sabiha Gokcen Airport when necessary to ease congestion.

It's worth mentioning that the airport is named after the Turkish aviator pioneer Sabiha Gokcen in honor of her memory and tribute to her name, being the first female combat pilot in the world.

Situated in the Pendik area, at the eastern edge of the Asian side of Istanbul, Sabiha Gokcen Airport is 35 kilometers from the city center. The airport is connected to various parts of Istanbul through a metro line extending from the heart of the airport to other metro stations.

Adnan Menderes Airport

Adnan Menderes Airport is one of the prominent airports in Turkey situated on the Aegean Sea, located approximately 14 kilometers southwest of the center of the tourist city of Izmir. The airport was named after Adnan Menderes, the third President in the history of the Republic of Turkey.

Originally constructed as a domestic airport in 2006, Adnan Menderes Airport underwent expansions, including the opening of an international terminal in 2014, elevating its status to an international airport.

The international terminal at Adnan Menderes Airport houses a free zone, contributing to its distinction as a hub for duty-free trade in Turkey.

The Milas-Bodrum

The Milas-Bodrum International Airport is an international airport serving the cities of Milas and Bodrum in Turkey. Located 36 kilometers from Bodrum and approximately 16 kilometers south of Milas, the airport was opened in 1997 and plays a significant role in air connectivity between Turkey and numerous international destinations.

The Milas-Bodrum Airport is characterized by its modern facilities and excellent services, offering plenty of options for travelers, including shops, restaurants, rental services, and transportation. The airport handles domestic and international flights throughout the year, with cooperating airlines such as Russian Airlines, Royal Jordanian Airlines, Qatar Airways, and others.

Furthermore, the airport boasts good infrastructure supporting passenger traffic efficiently, along with rental and transportation facilities facilitating travelers' movement between the airport and their destinations in Milas and Bodrum Cities and the surrounding areas.

Hatay Airport

Hatay Airport is one of the important airports in Turkey, located in southern Turkey, within the southern province of Hatay, 27 kilometers west of Antakya and 30 kilometers east of Iskenderun. The airport provides international and domestic transportation services for the residents of southern Turkey. Many cities in the south, such as Gaziantep, Sanliurfa, Osmaniye, Kahramanmaras, Adana, Mersin, and possibly others, benefit from this service due to the reasonable distance between them and Hatay Airport.

Hatay Airport features one arrival hall and one runway, facilitating air operations.

Several public transportation options are available to access and from Hatay International Airport in the city center, including public buses, private car rental companies, and taxis. Hatay International Airport has two terminals, one serving international passengers and the other serving domestic travelers. The terminals offer a variety of amenities, including food and beverage services through available restaurants, Wi-Fi service, and comfortable seating for waiting passengers.

The airport also hosts a diverse range of restaurants and shops, within the terminals and in the duty-free area. Also, souvenir shops, electronics stores, clothing outlets, and other products are available.

Adana Şakirpaşa Airport

Adana Şakirpaşa Airport (ADA) is considered one of the most prestigious and oldest airports in Turkey, dating back to 1937. It serves approximately 6 million passengers annually, making it one of the busiest airports domestically, ranking 6th in congestion, and 80th in Europe.

Adana Şakirpaşa Airport offers various services and facilities for travelers' comfort, including restaurants, shops, and free Wi-Fi. The airport also provides different transportation options to and from the airport, such as taxi service and car rental.

Adana Şakirpaşa Airport is crucial for the region, connecting the city of Adana and its surrounding areas to the international air transportation network. This facilitates travelers' access to their various destinations within Turkey and beyond.

Moreover, Adana Şakirpaşa Airport primarily serves the city of Adana and its surrounding areas in southern Turkey. Additionally, it is essential for travelers coming from and heading to different destinations in the country, such as Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Osmaniye, Kahramanmaraş, Adana, Mersin, and other nearby cities, due to the reasonable distance between these cities and Adana Airport.

Gazipaşa Airport 

Gazipaşa Airport is an international airport serving the Alanya region in Turkey. Located around 40 kilometers west of Alanya on the southern Turkish coast of the Mediterranean Sea, the airport was opened in 1999 to cater to the increasing number of tourists visiting the Alanya area.

Gazipaşa Airport is a major entry point for the Alanya region international tourists visiting. The airport's strategic location near the city and its provision of convenient transportation to local resorts and hotels make it stand out.

The airport offers various services and facilities for travelers, including comfortable waiting lounges, restaurants, shops, car rental offices, and transportation services to and from the airport.

Thanks to its important role as a major entry point for the Alanya tourist area, Gazipaşa Airport facilitates the arrival of tourists from all over the world to this beautiful coastal destination in Turkey.


In conclusion, as we have explored a selection of prominent airports in Turkey, we recognize the significance of these aviation facilities in enhancing communications and facilitating travel operations both domestically and internationally. These airports play a crucial role in driving tourism, and commerce, and strengthening economic and cultural ties between Turkey and the rest of the world. Moreover, they provide seamless connectivity to and from Turkey, with each of these airports featuring state-of-the-art facilities and services that ensure a highly comfortable travel experience.

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