Let us enter a world of innovation and quality in the aviation industry by talking about airlines in Turkey. Turkey boasts a diverse range of airlines that offer exceptional services covering types of commercial, touristic, or private flights. These airlines enjoy a good reputation and high competitiveness, locally, and internationally, effectively and comfortably meeting the needs of travelers. In this article, we will take a look at the most prominent airlines in Turkey that connect Turkey with the world and provide a unique travel experience for passengers both within and outside the country.

Airlines in Turkey

Turkey is one of the world's top tourist destinations, attracting millions of tourists annually from all over the globe, in addition to domestic tourism. The tourism sector in Turkey has seen significant growth in recent years, with revenues reaching $41.42 billion before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. For this reason, Turkey hosts many airlines that offer comfortable travel services to their customers, transporting them between various countries and Turkey, and also between Turkish cities quickly and comfortably.

We will give you all the information you need about the airlines in Turkey.

Turkish Airline

Turkish Airlines is one of the most important airlines in Turkey and has worldwide fame. Founded in 1933 with a small fleet of five aircraft and fewer than 30 employees, it successfully expanded its operations by overcoming challenges and difficulties. By 1951, its fleet had grown to 33 aircraft, and it began flying to new destinations such as Beirut, Cairo, and Nicosia, enhancing its status as a distinguished member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Turkish Airlines achieved significant milestones, including in 1961 when it crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a 30-hour flight from the United States to Istanbul.

Turkish Airlines is one of the largest airlines in Europe and the world, having won the award for Best Airline in Europe for six consecutive years (2011-2016). It was established under the supervision of the Turkish Ministry of Defense and is distinguished by its logo featuring the red and white colors of the Turkish flag and the image of a goose symbolizing its long-distance flying capabilities.

In 2015, it received the award for Best Business Class and Economy Class services from Skytrax, and in 2007, it won the National Quality Award in aviation.

Turkish Airlines is known for its comfortable seats, healthy meals catering to all tastes, and entertainment options suitable for all ages. Tickets can be easily purchased through its website. Its cabin crew is recognized as one of the best trained in providing high-level services. Business class passengers are allowed a baggage weight of up to 30 kg, while economy class passengers are allowed 23 kg, and infants are allowed 10 kg. The Turkish Airlines network includes over 300 airports in 120 countries, reaching various destinations worldwide.

The Turkish Airlines website offers multiple languages, including English, French, German, Chinese, Spanish, and more, making it easy for travelers of various nationalities to use. The company's app is visited by millions, allowing them to book their tickets within seconds.  Customer satisfaction is a top priority by the company, paying the utmost attention to ensuring that flights run as smoothly as possible and constantly striving to improve its services to excel in travel. In this context, it has collaborated with the Turkish company Do & Co to provide the most delicious meals on its flights, prepared by the most skilled chefs.

The company also offers Wi-Fi service on its fleet, allowing passengers to stay connected with the outside world. Due to its outstanding services globally, Turkish Airlines is considered one of the leading companies in the aviation industry.

Pegasus Airlines

Pegasus Airlines, founded in 1990, is one of the leading airlines in Turkey, aiming to provide reasonable prices for all passengers while focusing on customer satisfaction. The company was ranked the fourth-best airline in Turkey in 2005 and distinguished itself with various services such as passenger reception and assistance throughout the journey, and handling damaged or missing cargo. The company is ranked second among 500 service providers in Turkey and has equipped its aircraft with a new simulation device to handle emergencies or accidents.

In 2012, the company signed a contract with the renowned Airbus company to purchase 100 aircraft, thus enhancing its extensive fleet. The company has invested millions of dollars in innovative technology to improve service quality, making it a leader in the global aviation industry. Pegasus Airlines introduced mobile check-in using barcode technology for the first time in 2010, in addition to services such as purchasing excess baggage weight and selecting seats online. The company operates from Sabiha Gökçen Airport on the Asian side of Istanbul, which serves as a major hub for its fleet. 

Since its establishment in 1990, Pegasus Airlines has offered some of the cheapest airfares in Turkey. With flights to 69 countries and 33 domestic Turkish cities, the company operates a fleet of 74 aircraft, including Airbus A320-200, Airbus A320neo, Airbus A321neo, and Boeing 737-800. The company offers passengers several advantages, such as adding extra baggage, choosing preferred seats, and even renting cars. Baggage allowances vary on domestic flights based on the selected package, with the basic package allowing 15 kg, the plus package 20 kg, and the extra package 25 kg. The international flights offer packages of 20 kg, and the extra package offers 25 kg, with no free baggage allowance for basic bags.

Atlas Airlines

Atlas Airlines is based at Istanbul Atatürk Airport and was established in 2001 as a charter service operator from European countries to Turkey. Currently, the company is one of the important airlines in Turkey and offers additional flights to various destinations including Iraq, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, and others. The fleet consists of approximately 27 Airbus aircraft, and the company strives to provide high-quality services and international standards to passengers, focusing on safety and comfort during the journey. The company ensures the presence of a trained and professional crew to handle emergencies.

The company aims to maintain customer satisfaction by offering convenient and practical services, including the complimentary option to choose preferred seats, free baggage policy, and luxurious classes for business travelers and tourists. Additionally, the company allows online booking procedures to be completed 48 hours before the scheduled departure time, with the process required to be completed 90 minutes before departure.

Atlas Airlines provides domestic and international air travel services, enabling passengers to access destinations worldwide. The company offers diverse options for in-flight meals, including special meals for passengers with special needs or specific health conditions. The onboard hospitality service is characterized by professionalism and friendliness, as the flight crew works to meet passengers' needs in the best way possible. In addition to regular flights, Atlas Airlines offers private air charter services for individuals and companies, providing greater flexibility in travel planning and organization.


AnadoluJet is part of the Turkish Airlines group, established on April 23, 2008, with its headquarters in the capital, Ankara. Its first international flight was launched to Northern Cyprus on September 4 of the same year. These airlines are known for their competitive prices and low cost, especially on domestic flights within Turkey.

AnadoluJet offers domestic and international air services, striving to make air travel accessible to everyone. The company operates in 89 airports with a fleet of 81 aircraft to meet aviation needs in Turkey, offering distinguished service and economical prices for all. Additionally, they provide services such as seat selection, onboard meals, and car rental.

The company allows online booking for its flights worldwide, with categories tailored to the needs of tourists and businessmen. It also has a specialized team dedicated to providing comfort to passengers, ensuring their safety, and handling emergencies with wisdom and composure.

Sunexpress Airlines

SunExpress Airlines is one of the airlines in Turkey jointly owned by two globally recognized airlines, Lufthansa from Germany and Turkish Airlines. The company was established in 1989. The headquarters is located in Antalya, Turkey.

SunExpress Airlines primarily operates its services from airports in Turkey to international and domestic destinations. It is considered one of the leading airlines in Turkey, offering flights to numerous destinations in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

The airline boasts a modern fleet of Boeing and Airbus aircraft, enabling it to provide high-quality services at reasonable prices. The company is dedicated to offering passengers a unique travel experience, including seat selection, in-flight meals, and special passenger care.

Furthermore, SunExpress Airlines continually enhances its services to meet the needs of travelers while maintaining high safety and quality standards across all aspects of its operations.

SunExpress Airlines operates flights to 107 destinations worldwide, offering three classes: Business Class, Economy Class, and Economy Plus. In Economy Class, passengers can carry certain baggage to seats that can be booked separately. In Economy Plus, passengers can carry 8 kg of hand luggage onto the plane and 40 kg in the baggage compartment. The company strives to support passengers onboard or before arrival by providing mobility seats and special services for all cases. Customers can cancel their bookings either through the official website online or through the company's offices and accredited agents without any additional fees.

Onur Air

Onur Air is one of the oldest private airlines in Turkey founded in 1992. Headquartered in Istanbul, it is considered one of the largest airlines in the country. Onur Air offers its services to numerous international and domestic destinations, covering various cities in Europe, Asia, and North Africa, besides domestic destinations within Turkey. Onur Air boasts a modern fleet consisting of diverse aircraft from Boeing and Airbus, to meet the needs of passengers comfortably. The company offers a variety of options for passengers, including economy class, business class, and private male class. In addition to flights, Onur Air provides services such as online booking and in-flight meal provision, always striving for a unique travel experience at competitive prices. The company adheres to the highest safety and quality standards to ensure the comfort and safety of travelers.

What is the best airline in Turkey? 

Turkish Airlines is considered one of the best airlines in Turkey and around the world, but this doesn't mean that the other airlines in Turkey are bad. The aviation sector in Turkey is one of the most competent aviation in the world making all the companies eligible to serve you in the best way you need.


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